Our partner brands

To facilitate high quality research and to fulfill all your research needs in one place we have put together a comprehensive product portfolio by partnering with brands across the world.


Macherey Nagel (MN), a German brand since 1911 known for its bioanalysis product portfolio, has a wide range of products with new generation technologies for nucleic acid isolation kits and tagged-protein isolation, HTP products and otherauxiliary tools.


PromoCell, a German brand with expertise in cell culture and related products, also offershigh quality kits and reagents inclusive of cell analysis, cell transfection, fluorescent labeling and others PromoCell and PromoKine have a broad range of human primary cells, stem cells and blood cells as well as cell culture media.


IBL, a Japanese brand known for immunological research reagents has a wide range various products such as ELISA kits, antibodies and cell culture-related products.