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DSS Takara Bio India Pvt Ltd is proud to announce and welcome Rubicon Genomics as a new member of Takara Bio Group. The merger of the brand is undeniably a success which shall help develop & prepare innovative, high quality, nucleic acid libraries and companion products enabling easy, reliable and highly sensitive analysis of clinical research samples.

DSS Takara Bio India welcomes the completion of the merger transaction between WaferGen and Takara Bio Group. The addition of WaferGen to the TakaraBio group paves the way for new opportunities in genetic analysis in the clinical and applied markets while providing excellent products for isolation of single cells and RNA-seq and T-Cell receptor (TCR) profiling technologies.



Joint Venture of DSS Imagetech Pvt Ltd and Takara Bio Inc.

DSS Takara Bio India Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2011 and launched in New Delhi in the presence of 400 scientists, clinicians and associates from all over India with the objective of bringing world class molecular biology products and reagents to the doorstep of the Indian scientific community.

  • Joint venture launch

  • Joint venture launch

  • Joint venture launch

Inauguration of DSS Takara Bio Manufacturing Unit

The DSS Takara Bio Manufacturing Unit was inaugurated in January 2012 by Mr.K.Nakao, President of Takara Bio Inc. Japan. The new manufacturing facility incorporated the latest equipment, technologies and efficient production work flows drawn from Takara Bio’s vast experience and world renowned expertise in the field of Molecular Biology.

  • DTI Manufacturing Unit

  • DTI Manufacturing Unit

  • DTI Manufacturing Unit


DSS Takara Bio India thanks and expresses its gratitude to various research institutes and academic centres all over India for hosting DTI’s roadshows and other promotional and educational activities.

  • Roadshow at CDRI, Lucknow

  • Roadshow at NCBS, Bengaluru

  • Roadshow at THSTI & RCB, Faridabad


DTI regularly takes part in relevant conferences throughout the country. Some of the conferences participated in in 2017 are :

  • Conference at CIAB, Mohali

  • Conference at ICRISAT, Hyderabad

  • Conference at IICB, Kolkata