Cloning, Mutagenesis & Competent Cells

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As the first step in so many experiments, successful cloning is key to recovering meaningful data. This is why we are dedicated to delivering best-in-class cloning tools backed by expert support. With streamlined methods, high-performance reagents, and invaluable technical knowledge, you can spend less time cloning and more time moving your research forward—that’s good science!

Mutagenesis & Cloning

  • Mutagenesis Cloning Kits

DNA Ligation Kits

  • Quick DNA Ligation Kits
  • Mighty TA-cloning Kit
  • LA PCR in vitro Cloning Kit
  • DNA Blunting Kit
  • Mighty Cloning Kit (Blunt End) Reagent Set
  • Cassettes and Cassette Primers
  • DNA Ligation Kit
  • DNA Ligation Kit for Long Fragments

Infusion Cloning Kits

  • In-Fusion Field Tester Terms & Conditions
  • Older Cloning Kits
  • In-Fusion HD EcoDry Kits
  • In-Fusion HD Liquid Kits

Cloning Enhancer

  • Cloning Enhancer - PCR Product Purification

Cloning Vectors

  • Ecoli-Yeast Shuttle Vectors
  • Ecoli-Aspergillus Shuttle Vectors
  • T-Vectors pMD20 and pMD19 (Simple)
  • pUC18 Plasmid and pUC19 Plasmid
  • pUC118 and pUC119 Vectors
  • Kanamycin Resistant pUC Vectors
  • DNA Cloning Vectors
  • Chloramphenicol Resistant pUC Vectors
  • In-Fusion Ready Fluorescent Protein Vectors

Competent Cells

  • Electrocompetent Cells
  • Chemically Competent Cells

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