Next Gen Sequencing

Unique and futuristic products

Takara Clontech kits for next-generation sequencing (NGS) offer exceptional sensitivity and reproducibility, and with greater confidence in their data, scientists can spend more time pursuing the questions they care about.

DNA-Seq Kits

  • DNA-seq Selection Guide
  • Single-Cell Library Preparation for Illumina
  • Whole Genome Amplification from Single Cells
  • Molecular-Tagged DNA-Seq for Illumina
  • Cell-Free DNA-Seq for Illumina
  • DNA Library Prep Kits for Illumina

Ultra-Low mRNA-Seq Kits

  • Single-Cell mRNA-Seq for DE Only
  • Single-Cell RNA-Seq for Fluidigm C1
  • Legacy Ultra-Low mRNA-Seq
  • New and Improved Ultra-Low mRNA-Seq
  • Single-Cell mRNA-Seq Overview

Featured DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq Kits

Methylated DNA-Seq

Targeted RNA-Seq Library Construction

  • Targeted RNA-Seq for Illumina

Library Quantification Kit

  • Library Quantification Kit

Library Construction (dsDNA) Kit for Illumina Sequencing

Total RNA-Seq Kits

  • Universal Low-Input Total RNA-Seq for Illumina or Ion Torrent
  • High-Input Strand-Specific Total RNA-Seq for Illumina
  • Low-Input Strand-Specific Total RNA-Seq for Illumina
  • Pico-Input Strand-Specific Total RNA-Seq for Illumina
  • Total RNA-Seq Overview

ChIP-Seq Library Construction Kits

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