Powerful enzymes delivering powerful results.

Best-in-class enzymes backed by expert scientific support. We provide polymerases that simply work harder, better, and faster—so you can focus on pushing your experiments to their full potential. Single place for whether looking for high yield, high fidelity, lyophilized, GC-rich, long templates, Direct PCR, Fast PCR or General PCR.

General Purpose

  • TaKaRa Taq HS PCR Kit, UNG Plus
  • Hot Start Taq
  • Taq and Premix Taq
  • PCR Mycoplasma Detection Set
  • PCR Amplification Kit
  • Full Length Taq
  • Hot Start Taq Lyophilized Master Mix
  • KlenTaq LA Polymerase Mix
  • Direct PCR
  • EmeraldAmp GT PCR Master Mix
  • Advantage PCR Kits

High Yield PCR

  • Multiplex PCR Assay Kit Ver.2
  • Premix Ex Taq
  • PerfectShot Ex Taq
  • PCR Specificity: EmeraldAmp MAX PCR Master Mix
  • EmeraldAmp MAX HS PCR Master Mix
  • Ex Taq DNA Polymerase, Hot-Start Version
  • Titanium Taq Kits for SNP 6.0
  • Advantage 2 Proofreading Polymerase Mixes & PCR Kits
  • Titanium Taq DNA Polymerase

PCR Thermal Cyclers

  • Thermal Cycler Dice Real Time System Lite
  • Thermal Cycler Dice Real Time System II
  • Thermal Cycler Dice Real Time System
  • TaKaRa Dice PCR Thermal Cycler
  • Fast PCR Thermal Cycer
  • Dice Touch PCR Thermal Cycler
  • Dice Mini PCR Thermal Cycler

High Fidelity PCR

  • CloneAmp HiFi PCR Premix
  • PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase
  • PrimeSTAR HS with GC Buffer
  • PrimeSTAR HS DNA Polymerase
  • Advantage HF 2 PCR Kit
  • Advantage HD DNA Polymerase Mix


  • Mutan-Super Express Km
  • Mutan-Express Km
  • Site-Directed Mutagenesis - Competent Cells
  • PCR Random Mutagenesis Kit - Diversify

Molecular Diagnostic Products

  • Titanium Taq EcoDry Premix
  • Advantage 2 EcoDry Premix
  • Lyophilized PCR Overview

Lyophilized Master Mix

  • Titanium Taq EcoDry Premix
  • Lyophilized_PCR_Overview
  • Advantage 2 EcoDry Premix

Long PCR

GC Rich

  • LA Taq DNA Polymerase with GC Buffers
  • PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase
  • Advantage GC Genomic LA PCR Polymerase Kit
  • Advantage GC 2 Polymerase Mix & PCR Kit

Fast PCR

  • SapphireAmp Fast PCR Master Mix
  • Z-Taq DNA Polymerase
  • SpeedSTAR DNA Polymerase
  • Fast PCR Overview

Direct PCR

  • Direct PCR Overview
  • Terra PCR Direct Polymerase Mix

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