Protein Expression & Purification

High Quality oriented products

A faster and easier approach to antibody and protein purification with the new CaptureM technology like never before. With extreme detailed attention to each product line having a wide range from Bacterial expression systems, baculovirus expression system, mammalian expression, Cell-free expression, His-Tag and GST-tag Protein purification resins and more.

His-Tagged Protein Purification

  • Nickel Columns- Gravity Flow
  • Nickel Columns-FPLC
  • Nickel Resin-Magnetic
  • Nickel Resin for His-Tag Protein Purification
  • Cobalt Resin-Magnetic
  • Cobalt Resin-FPLC
  • Cobalt Resin-Cell Lysate
  • Cobalt Resin for His-Tag Purification
  • Cobalt Columns-Spin
  • Cobalt Columns-Gravity
  • Cobalt Columns-FPLC
  • Cobalt Column-Bacterial Culture
  • 96-Well Plate
  • Large Volume
  • Maxiprep Kit
  • Miniprep Kit

GST Tagged Protein Purification

  • GST Purification Resin

Bacterial Expression Systems

Antibody Purification

Detection of Tagged Proteins

  • His-Tag Detection - Western Blot Kit
  • Antibodies

Purify Phospho - & Glycoproteins

  • Phosphoprotein Magnetic Kit
  • Phosphoprotein Enrichment Kit
  • Phosphopeptide Spin Columns
  • Glycoprotein Enrichment & Detection

Myc-Tagged Protein Purification

  • Magnetic Myc IP Kit
  • pCMV-Myc & pCMV-HA Vector Set
  • Myc & HA Tag Antibodies
  • c-Myc Agarose Beads


  • High-Purity Expression
  • HRV 3C Protease
  • mRNA Interferase-MazF Enzyme
  • Corystein (Purothionin) Reagent
  • Trypsin Digestion – Capturem Mini Spin Columns
  • Cell Lysis Buffers

Cell Free Expression

  • Human Cell-Free System

Mammalian Expression

  • OKT3 Monoclonal Antibodies
  • pHEK293 Ultra Expression Overview
  • pHEK293 Ultra Expression Vectors

Baculovirus Expression

  • Insect Cells & Insect Media
  • Baculovirus Titration Kits
  • Baculovirus Expression System

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